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About us

Tarini  – bags with Panache!  Tarini is a TM registered Brand in Australia. its an endeavor to fuse traditional handcrafted skills of India and South east Asia with modern sensibilities and create Unique bags, which are beyond the ordinary.  Many of our designs are executed by women in rural areas, who stitch and paint the pieces per specific guidelines in the comfort of their homes.  We encourage them to innovate on designs, yet standardize them by controlling the quality of leather and lay down guidelines based on the finished product’s design in mind. The semi finished leather pieces are then given a final shape by experienced leather bag makers. This two approach ensures your get products from a cottage industry with an Up-market feel. The colors and vibrancy of a village craft with the style and functionality of a modern accessory!

Our Effort is to use natural fabrics – silk, leather and jute along with hand made elements to create a range that will be good today AND Tomorrow. While being fashionable – our hand crafted pieces create enduring value. 

Tarini – written as तारिणी  derives its name from Sanskrit, and is one of the many names of the Mother Goddess. Who symbolises femineity, returning to roots and beauty and elegance. 

 Panache stands for : “a stylish, original, and very confident way of doing things that makes people admire you “ ( Dictionary meaning ) . 

Tarini is a Proprietorship firm, the brainchild of Manisha Sood, who is 45 and lives In Melbourne. After well over a decade of working at senior corporate levels in India, Manisha decided to launch Tarini in 2014 to bring the Arts of the East to a wider Western Audience. The first range was launched after a painstaking 9 months of research, development and improvement of designs. 

Our promise to our customers is to keep out the Boring and always stick to Panache !! 

Thank You for reading